About US

Whaters.com abbreviated for “What in Water?” is a laboratory dedicated for water testing. Testing service for this essential commodity is the need of the hour to understand “What is in our taps, which can become a health attack?” With a promise to provide this essential information using robust state of the art analyzers and technology on floor combined with manpower expertise, we ensure our reports to be extremely credible and error-free.

We understand the essential role water plays, and thus with a dedicated water testing facility, functioning on standard documented and validated protocols, the final report is definitely ensured to be complete in quality as well as information. With a strong manpower and IT base, we at Whaters ensure to provide reports at unmatched speed and quality.

With a team of dedicated and well-trained professionals, each procedure involved from sample handling to processing and reporting is carried on an aesthetically designed laboratory floor. With a dedicated facility for each service offered, maximum care is ensured for an error-free analysis.

Each parameter being tested in water is very crucial and generally found in minute quantities. Hence, in order to ensure maximum sensitivity and precision, state-of-the-art analytical chemistry platforms have been incorporated in our lab floor.
These include an Automated Wet Chemistry analyzer working under the principle of Continuous Flow Analysis (CFA), Robotic Analyzer, ICP (Inductively Coupled Plasma) and GC (Gas Chromatography) with MS (Mass Spectrometry) and FID (Flame Ionization Detector).
With availability of such advanced technologies in the laboratory, testing of varied parameters in water with utmost accuracy and sensitivity has become a possibility.

Quality in service is an essential to be provided by every service provider, and when it comes to us in Whaters, it is our primary goal which we achieve with due diligence every day. Quality is a religion practised in our laboratory floor and no compromise in compliance of the validated and documented protocols is ensured.
With a Quality Manager focused to assess each area of water testing, routine control and calibrator checks and a double report verification process, quality in testing as well as reporting is a promise we deliver.

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