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water testing

Water after being treated by the municipal corporation does pass through a series of carrier modems, before it reaches your tank and finally the tap. There are chances that the ideal closed system of water transport may be damaged or become exposed to external environment increasing chances of contamination. Hence, testing the final product in the end of the transport process also becomes an essential.

Tanks are the major storage portals for the water which we receive each day. However, the primary tanks in major establishments are underground, increasing risk for entry of undesirable components. Also, the entire cleaning procedure of the tanks are never adequately monitored and hence testing of the water quality ideally before and after cleaning is necessary to even understand the efficiency of your cleaning agency. The pipes in most of the buildings are also ages old and exposed to the external environment and hence are susceptible to withering. Hence, checking water from your tanks and taps is important.

As a common man, we generally end up defining ill health as a condition only when we are unable to perform our routines or rather when we end up becoming bedridden for few days. It needs to be understood that water has many factors, which when ingested have a tendency to get accumulated over long periods of time and remain asymptomatic; especially the elements, pesticides and VOC. It may take years for their harmful effects to be manifested which end up being very serious like cancer, nervous disorders, etc. Hence routine testing is essential, majorly from a preventive care perspective.

In case your water has been tested positive, you may initiate an awareness drive in your locality. The neighbouring areas can also get tested to understand if the problem is in your establishment or the entire area as a whole. Also, a complaint can be launched in the local municipal office to initiate an inspection. Ideally tracing the root cause is an essential here.

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