Microbiology Test

Microbiology (M)

This analysis is extremely important as presence of pathogenic microflora are the major responsible factors for multiple clinical disturbances. This panel includes testing for 2 parameters. Ideally this should be NIL in any water tested for safety. Both qualitative and quantitative analysis of parameters under this panel are available.


E.coli bacteria

Total coliform bacteria

Essential parameters to be analyzed in microbiological testing of water

Pathological contamination of water may occur due to contact majorly with human faeces and the major bacteria are the coliforms. Ideally these should be NIL in any potable water, as they can cause gastroenteritis, ulcer, etc.
Though chlorination is majorly done to kill these pathogenic microbes, contamination may still occur during transport or in the site of water storage. Hence, getting the final tap water tested for these is imperative and will highlight possible leaks which can introduce many more contaminants.

microbiological testing of water

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With a fully functional laboratory floor for water testing, the following profiles are available for drinking water analysis.
A total of 65 parameters under different profiles are available for testing.

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