Drinking Water Testing

With water being the essence that runs life, complete analysis of this primary essential has become a possibility with our drinking water testing facility.

Physical & Chemical Testing (PC)

This testing panel includes multiple parameters for physical & chemical analysis of water by Robotic Analyzer and CFA technology. A total of 12 parameters are analyzed under this criteria, other than taste and odour.

Elements testing (E)

Elements though an essential as micronutrients for many biological functions, their levels in the human body can affect many critical functions. This panel analyzes for a total of 16 toxic elements in the water sample by the most robust technology of ICP.

Microbiology test (M)

This analysis is extremely important as presence of pathogenic microflora are the major responsible factors for multiple clinical disturbances. This panel includes testing for 2 parameters. Ideally this should be NIL in any water tested for safety.

Pesticides test (PT)

Testing for pesticides is done using the most sensitive analytical technology of GC-MS. A total of 16 parameters are being estimated in water under this category.

Volatile Organic Compounds testing (VOC)

Testing for VOCs are as essential as the presence of these can also be detected in packaged drinking water. Most of the testing facilities do not include a comprehensive menu under this category. .

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